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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Feature Starting at TSON: Free Comedy Gold From Craig's List

This is waaaaaay off topic, but I just can't resist.  

Most of the stuff advertised on Craig's List "Free Stuff Classifieds" is just stuff.  But some of it is comedy gold!  From time to time I'll post an item that will leave your morning coffee spewed all over your computer screen.  All of these are real classifieds on Craig's List quoted verbatim, but I can't guarantee that any of the free stuff actually exists.  Nor will I vouch for their ability to hold your tanker in place on the high seas.  Which brings me to our inaugural post.

The anchor & chain are in good condition. There are some minor corrosion spots on the surface though. It weighs 14100 kg plus a couple of chain-links each ~350 kg. I cant guaranty the Anchor actually works cause I did not have the chance trying it out, but it is quality work out of Japan and is now sitting in the back of my house. Come and get it out of my yard. 

Self pickup only! 

Please contact me via cl if you are interested.

He's not going to guarantee that your tanker will, in fact, be kept in place by this anchor.   But hey, it's free!  Right now a tight-wad captain of some oil tanker is thinking, "Sure there's a chance it won't work. But, gall dang it, I really need an anchor and I hate spending money on this rust bucket.  I'm getting it!!!!"

Even more funny:  Self pick up only! 

Fifteen bonus points to you if you come up with the best back story for how this anchor got from Japan to this guy's backyard. 


  1. Lol, geez I was just saying to the wife the other day, man we could use an anchor and chain, and it's free woo hoo. Too bad it won't fit in my car. I'm going to add you to my blogroll, great site.

  2. But it's not just an anchor, it's a TANKER anchor. I'm still ROFL. I'll bet it was given to him as a Christmas present.

    Bob I really appreciate you adding me to your site. That is a high compliment and I'm thankful.


  3. "A girl can always use another piece of jewelry."


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