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From The Everlasting Man

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cool or Creepy? Self-Assembling Robot

The next installment of "Cool or Creepy" comes from NewScientist via MAKE Magazine .
To get the full effect, think back to Arnold Schwartzenegger in The Terminator, then play the video clip below. 
I guarantee a shiver going up your spine either from the coolness or creepiness of it all.
Be sure to vote below.

Image Credit: Gizmodo


  1. Wow, both cool and creepy.

  2. True. But you have to take a stand Bob. Just like you can't say "Tastes great" and "Less Filling". I think.

  3. What exactly is creepy about this? Perhaps you guys are too readily weirded out. Something that repairs itself is only a threat in the movies.

    If the Mars Rovers didn't have self-recovery capabilities, we'd have been screwed.

  4. Yeah, but what about the Golden Army in "Hell Boy II" that could repair itself? The robots--wait, that was a movie. Hmmm.... you have a point.

    Next Cool or Creepy post will be "Cute Fuzzy Rabbits" just to prove that I don't spook easily.

  5. I kept thinking about SG-1 and the Replicators on there. (Maybe 'cause I never watched The Terminator). Anyway, I did get a couple of shivers up my spine from the creepiness (it just resembled the Replicators too much!) but overall, I had to say it was more cool than creepy.

    Oh and while I'm here, Brian, I wanted to say that you made my Top Ten Coolest People You'll Ever Meet list - just posted it on my site. Be sure to check that out. ;-)


  6. Thanks a truckload Hava for including me on your list! Considering the topic of this post, I'm relieved that I didn't land on your "Top 10 Creepiest People You'll Ever Meet" list. Phewwww! That was close.


  7. Okay, cool......., no creepy......., cool......hey wait a minute, I know a lot of creepy cool things and people, depends on how I'm feeling at the time,lol.

  8. I'm with you Bob. It's ironic for me to find any technology creepy because I'm a huge gadget geek. But there's something about a machine fixing itself that makes me pause. Of course, if I could get my washing machine to fix itself I would give it two thumbs up.

    By the way, can I suggest you change your blog name to Blackholes With Awesome Heavenly Astros-stuff and Huge Asteroids. Then your acronym would be the best! BWAHAHA!

  9. THAT was wicked!

    My husband's response --- "Somebody a whole lot smarter than me made that thing."

  10. Mom, perhaps that's the creepy part, not the gadget but the mind behind the gadget! Some serious brain power has gone into that.

    The poll is showing that people are finding this more cool than creepy. Thanks for checking in Mom.


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