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From The Everlasting Man

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bonus Points: The Super Brand New, Completely Unique Feature on The Secret of Newton

We* here at The Secret of Newton are always striving to improve your blog reading experience and give you a little somthn'  that you just can't get at any other blog anywhere else on the world wide web of information.

So today we* roll out......... Bonus Points!!!!

That's right, here at TSON and only at TSON can you earn Bonus Points.    

And to stem the flood of questions that will poor in from across the world wide web of information about these Bonus Points I've prepared  a little thing that I've called a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  Which is yet another thing that nobody else has on the world wide web of information.  Soon everybody will be offering bonus points and FAQs on their sites.  But remember, you saw it here first.

Bonus Point Question #1:  How  can I get bonus points?
Bonus Point Answer #1:  In a myriad of ways.

BPQ #2: Such as?
BPQ #2: Well you might send me a great suggestion for the "Cool or Creepy" feature.

BPQ #3: And?
BPA #4: Or you might leave an outstanding comment to a post that furthers the discussion or deepens the topic as all great comments should.

BPQ #4:  Is that it?  Doesn't sound like a "myriad" to me.
BPA #4: No, that's not it.  You could also get Bonus Points by answering questions posed within the posts.  Or by showing me outstanding blogs that you thing are relevant to science, history or faith. Or by referring TSON to other folks.  Or BPs shall be handed out on a whim by the admin of TSON for outstanding contributions and participation to this blog.  If you want to jump out to a head start on the leader board click the "Bonus Point" label link in the side bar to  to look for Bonus Point offers on previous points that have yet to be capitalized on.  Some real opportunities are lurking out there!  Plus I've given a few people some good will bonus points for being early visitors to TSON and getting the blog off the ground. 

BPQ #5: Hold on, this is starting to sound a little MLM'ish to me.
BPA #5: Not even close, I can't stand multi-level marketing schemes.  Bonus points won't get shady in any way.  

BPQ #6: So what can I do with Bonus Points anyway?  
BPA #6:  Good question.

BPQ #7:  Well?
BPA #7:  Well what?

BPQ #8: What good are Bonus Points for?  What can I do with them?
BPA #8:  Terrific questions!

BPQ #9: Look, I'm getting a bit ticked off now.  Can I do any thing with these &%#! points or not?
BPA #9: Hey!  You just lost 5 Bonus Points for being snarky and using punctuation symbols to swear.  Just call down.  The answer is that Bonus Points are useful for a myriad of things.  But mostly they're great just to have.  I imagine in time there will become a black market for Bonus Points and you'll see them being sold on Ebay for real money.  Until them, just hang on to them and try to get more than other people.  That's usually the fiducial for the value of stuff.  Just compare your Bonus Points to other people's.  But I'm sure they'll be worth something some day.

BPQ #9a: Won't this just cheapen the discourse?  I mean, shouldn't people want to discuss science, history and faith for it's intrinsic value, not for some artificial point system that doesn't really mean anything in the grand scheme of things.
BPA #9a: Yeah, I see what you mean.  But I look at it like this.  The primary motivation for any effort should be for it's intrinsic value or for the contribution it adds to the community.  But if you can add another extrinsic reward on top of that it's... well... Bonus Points!!!!  Besides, even most things that are done for intrinsic value don't matter in the grand scheme of things.  So why not get a few BPs along the way?

BPQ #9b: But bonus points have nothing to do with science, history or faith. So why add them to your blog?
BPA #9b:  Actually, I had a physics teacher in high school who used a bonus point system.  And I credit him for instilling a life-long passion for science within me.    Besides, the value of any given item is established by he community itself.  Look at the huge value we place on money, which is just paper.  But we've agreed that it's worth something.   The theory of money is interesting.  Perhaps, since we're off the gold standard, we should go on the Bonus Points standard.

BPQ #10:  How will I know how many Bonus Points I have?
BPA #10:  We* here at TSON will keep a "Bonus Point Leader Board" which will be available at just a convenient click of the mouse button from your world wide web of information browser. Look at the side bar where it says "Bonus Point Leader Board".

BPQ #11:  This is terrific.  Thanks for setting it up.  I'm really glad TSON is doing this because nobody else on the world wide web of information has any system even close to being as cool as this.
BPA #11: Thank you very much.  That is very kind.   I'm giving you 10 bonus points for the flattery.  But, I'm afraid, I'll have to subtract 10 bonus points for not asking a question.  BPQ#11 were just statements.

The Fine Print
*Me, here at TSON


  1. I'm so excited to be in the lead and that's not counting the ten points I got for watching Airplane 200 times when younger.

    You like me! You really like me!

    I'd like to thank my many fans, for their love and affection, for their unending support. I'd like to thank my father for giving me his logical mind and wandering about his last 40 years without one. And lastly, I'd like to thank Brian, for his brilliant and COMPLETELY NEW idea of creating virtual points that don't mean anything. What a concept!

    Take a bow, Brian!

  2. Now you can spend your virtual points on virtual stuff! Or should you fight and scrap to stay on top of the Leader Board?

    It has taken minutes of hard work for me to come up with this idea, and seconds of planning and execution. Really, I'm just relieved this new phase of the blog is off the ground and running like gang busters. It has been a team effort and I can't take all the credit, nor will I take any of the blame. So just a small, teeny bow for now...


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