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From The Everlasting Man

Saturday, January 24, 2009

BOTLOS Boxing Ring

This is the place to spar with others about significant events in science history for the Big Ol' Time Line of Science.  Duke it out over  people, places, events and times.   The BOTLOS will be updated based on discussions here.

Contestants take your corners.  I want a clean fight.  No hitting below the belt.  No sucker punches. When the bell rings, come out swinging.  


Image from Turbo Squid.


  1. I don't fight with others. I'm a pacifist except on fiction where I absolutely kick ass.

  2. Since this is the internet, every original idea possible has already been thought, every work accomplished (welcome to the new determinism - you can't surprise the multitudes or our hidden cybernetic overlords, except possibly with lolcats), I turned first to google, searching for timelines.

    See a big one at, and maybe more pertinent to your research, a timeline over at the victorianweb .

    Neither of which, I am unhappy to say, mentions the founding of the oldest continually operating university of the world, Al-Karaouine in Fes, Morocco, founded in 859.
    Or, if you prefer to rest in the western world, the University of Bologna, Italy, founded about 1088.

  3. Much thanks Boris. I've updated the time line with those universities. Amazing that any institution would be in operation for almost 1200 years!

    Digital determinism! Ack! The new scourge of modern man. Those other time lines may be more complete, accurate and user-friendly. But do they have Bonus Points? That's my attempt at running against the brick wall of digital determinism.

    Speaking of Bonus Points. You've moved into 4th place on the Leader Board. Pretty heady stuff!


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