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"A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it."

From The Everlasting Man

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bonus Points Store House O' Prizes

New Items Just Arrived in the S.H.O.P.!!!

Now you can get fabulous stuff with the Bonus Points you've earned from contributions to TSON. Fortunately I have connections in places and have been able to secure stuff for you to buy with Bonus Points.

Just post a comment on this SHOP  page indicating what you'd like buy, then the minions of TSON will deduct the BPs from your account and change in the Leader Board.  Satisfaction is practically guaranteed.

Now you face a dilemma: Do you try to be atop the Bonus Point Leader Board and get the respect of your peers? Or do you cash in some BPs to get terrific stuff?  An age old problem (just back off Zeno!!! This one is not for you!!! Back off!!!)

Here's what's hot off the gridle!

Store House O' Prizes*
2   Bonus Points = Recommendation for an outstanding mountain bike trail system.  

2   BPs = Recommendation of my top 5 blogs.

2   BPs = A step by step  guide for how to make a backpacking stove out of a pepsi can.

4   BPs = You decide the next post on The Secret of Newton (choose one from the topics of science, history, faith, Free Comedy Gold from Craig's List, Cool or Creepy)

5   BPs = Interesting geology factoid not likely to be commonly known to the general population.

10 BPs = I will share my tightly guarded source of outstanding coffee which donates a portion of the sales to the charity of your choice.  This is killing two birds with one stone: caffiene and charity!

1,000* BPs = Learn the actual secret of Newton.

20,000* BPs = Posting of my infamous "mullet" picture.

More fabulous stuff will be added to the Store House O' Prizes so  check back regularly!  

Fine Print

*Prices subject to change.


  1. That reminds me, I might have geology questions for you at some point as it's pertinent to my novel on a new planet.

    Have you ever considered a guest stint as "Ask the Geologist?"

  2. I'd be glad to help with your geology questions.

    I hadn't considered the guest stint but think it's a great idea.


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