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Friday, January 23, 2009

Annoucing Project BOTLOS!!!

Big Ol' Time Line O' Science

In order to get a sense for the arc of history for writing my novel, I decided to make a timeline of significant people and events (mostly scientific, but not exclusively). I'm sure there are existing time lines available that are far more complete (and accurate?!)  but it was a wonderful exercise for me to build my own.  My goal was to appreciate the historic back drop of Cambridge University of the late 1800s.  But as I continued to read and research, the timeline project grew.

And now I'd like to enlist your help to put some meat on these bones.  The timeline is very heavy in European science, especially around the late 19th century.   It also has more holes than Swiss cheese.  I invite you to submit items of that have significant scientific implications  and corrections too.  I won't even mention the tremendous Bonus Point potential here (oops, I just mentioned it!).  Discussions around historical figures and events are more than welcome.  Consider this a boxing ring and great place to spar over the history of science.   Some items on this timeline are fictional and specific to my novel.  I'm including them here to help me keep things straight.  

The timeline is too long to put on the front page of the blog.  This is the actual BOTLOS timeline. Check it out!

1/24/09 UPATED: I've just added an actual BOTLOS Boxing Ring.  Because the timeline is long, I wanted to have a place that has faster load times for all of the commenting.  So this is where you see the BOTLOS and this is the boxing ring where the battle takes place over items within the time line. 


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