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"A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it."

From The Everlasting Man

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Welcome to "The Secret of Newton" Blog from Brian Steele

By education and trade I'm a geologist which makes me a scientist. But I'm not an authority on science though I know a thing or two about rocks. I'm fascinated by history, but not a historian. I am a Christian, but not  a theologian. I am Newton enthusiast but am far from a Newton scholar. I wrote  the novel "A Body at Rest" to pursue my passions in the areas of science, history, faith and the interaction of the three. The only mantle of authority I claim is the history and inner workings of Elyon College, the fictional school I created for the sake of the novel. For matters relating to Elyon I'll accept criticism and correction only from the novel characters themselves, and, since by my keyboard I hold them by the lips, that's not likely to happen.

In all other matters on this blog (religious, scientific, historical) I welcome your input, discussion, dialogue and correction where I stand to be corrected. As I said, my command and understanding of the realm of Elyon is unimpeachable, in all else fire away. From this blog and the novel, I welcome input from Cambridge alumni, Newton devotees, scientists, people of faith and people without faith. All are expected and I hope will be shared with my same passions and intentions to highlight some brilliant subjects, times, places and characters in history. Cheers!


  1. Hey Brian - I know nothing about anything (just ask my oldest son) but I wanted to tell you that I am impressed and totally jealous that you've written a book! :) Can't wait till it is in print and I can buy a copy and have it signed by the author!

  2. If you can read chicken scratch, then I'll definitely sign one for you. I think Kai's handwriting is now, officially, better than mine!

  3. Brian,

    Welcome to the blogging world. I will not pretend to understand all of your posts but I look forward to reading them. When your novel comes out I'll be in line to get a copy and then I'll have Kai sign it so I will be able to read it :) Happy New Year!

  4. Great to see you here Thom! I don't pretend to understand what I'm saying either but I hope you pop in from time to time.


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